DVM-CBL30R-5: Set of 5x CO-alarm DVM-CBL30R.
DVM-CBL30R-5: Set of 5x CO-alarm DVM-CBL30R.
DVM-CBL30R-5: Set of 5x CO-alarm DVM-CBL30R.

DVM-CBL30R-5: Set of 5x CO-alarm DVM-CBL30R.

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Advanced carbon monoxide detector (CO detector) with fixed 3 VDC Lithium battery, wireless inter-connectable with our other suited Smoke-, HEAT- and CO-detectors.
FACTORY GUARANTEE 10 YEAR (excl. battery).
The DVM-CBL30R carbon monoxide detector, also known as a CO detector, detects the carbon monoxide gas level.
When a certain level is exceeded, the alarm is triggered. Too high levels of carbon monoxide can be deadly!
Alarm pause button (approx. 10 min.) to temporarily silence the alarm sound.

Avoid injury or even death from the poisonous carbon monoxide gas.
The detector has a mounting plate so that mounting is very easy; the detector is clicked onto the plate.
The alarm signal is ≥ 85 dB plus flashing LED indications.
Complies with DIN EN 50291-1:2018 and has a CE mark.


♦ Warranty period: Lifetime* = 10 years after production date
♦ Power supply by fixed 3 VDC Lithium battery
    Expected battery lifetime 10 years.
♦ Alarm indication and functional support by 3 LEDs: GREEN, RED, YELLOW
♦ Detection level from 0 to 499 ppm (± 10%)
♦ Alarm levels: 50 ppm 60-90 min, 100 ppm 10-40 min, 300 ppm < 3 min.
♦Test button to test monthly
♦ Alarm pause button, duration approx. 10 minutes
♦ Easy mounting: detector clicks on mounting plate
♦ Low battery alarm
♦ Acoustic alarm signal: ≥85dB at 3 m
♦ Complies with DIN EN 50291-1:2018

N.B. After 10 years, the carbon monoxide detector must be replaced due to contamination. For production date, see production sticker on the detector

♦ Set of 5x Carbon monoxide detector DVM-CBL30R (incl. 3 VDC Lithium battery), each with:
♦ Mounting set: 2x plug 5mm, 2x screw
♦ English, German, French and Dutch manual
♦ Eco-friendly packaging


Carbon monoxide-alarm only:   
    Width: 93 mm
    Height: 93 mm
    Depth: 30 mm
    Weight: 107 grams

Packaging (1 piece):
   Width: 110 mm
   Height: 110 mm
   Depth: 50 mm

   Weight: 148 grams

Packaging 5 pieces:
   Width: 110 mm
   Height: 110 mm
   Depth: 250 mm

   Weight: 740 grams