DVM-LCW-Z100: Reliable cable for making an induction loop

DVM-LCW-Z100: Reliable cable for making an induction loop

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Reliable cable for the production of induction loops for loop detectors.
Resistance against high temperature and aggressive liquids / gases.


♦ Loop cable for making an induction loop, length 100m
♦ Use the cable for the induction loop windings and for the
   supply lines: no connections in the loop prevents short circuit
♦ Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures
   (silica gel coating for high temperature resistance)
♦ Excellent resistance to oil, liquid and aggressive gases
♦ High tensile strength and wear resistance, making it resistant to
   high loads during installation and service life
♦ Certification: GB5013

♦ Loop cable 100 m: DVM-LCW-Z100
♦ Manuals in English, German, French and Dutch

♦ Loop cable only:                      ♦ Packaging in roll (1 piece):
   Length: 100 m - 328 ft                 Diameter: 20 cm - 7.87 in
   Diameter: 1,25 mm - 0.05 in        Height: 4,5 cm - 1.77 in
   Weight: 1,37 kg - 43.98 oz           Weight: 1,37 kg - 43.98 oz